Directions to Head Office

La Viestraat 2B
3511 BK Utrecht

Since 2015 an environmental zone was introduced for diesel passenger cars and vans. Traveling by public transport is preferred.
The Zonnepark Services Nederland office is located
within a 400m walking distance from Utrecht Central station.

Personalized directions:
Plan your route by car, train or other means of public transport from your departure point here (via Google maps).

Parking facilities near the office building:
The following parking facilities are located withing walking distance.

Q-Park La Vie
Sint Jacobsstraat 1, 3511 BR Utrecht
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Hoog Catharijne car parks
Stationsstraat 29, 3511 EK Utrecht
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Park & Ride facility:
An alternative to the expensive car parks in the center are Park & Ride (P+R) facilities at the edge of the center. You park your car here, take the free bus/tram to the center, and for a maximum of five people you pay a reduces fee.

P+R Westraven
Griffioenlaan 1, 3526 LA Utrecht
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Take the A12 motorway exit 17 and follow the signs to P + R Westraven.
Park your car and use your ticket in the vending machines to buy a P & R
OV- card (public transport card). Use this this card to check in and out
when you enter and leave a tram or bus. Every 10 minutes a tram (line 60, 61)
or bus (74, 77) can take you to Utrecht Central