“Our clients are PV Power Plant owners which intend to maximize the performance now and in the future. We are committed to strive for business excellence with our clients.”

Tobias Schüßler & Oliver Schweininger,
Managing Directors Zonnepark Services Nederland B.V.

Customer Benefits

  • Zonnepark Services Nederland B.V. offers its customers more than 20 years of global PV experience combined with local expertise by the Joint Venture’s Dutch Engineers and Service Technicians.
  • The Joint Venture provides professional O&M services across the Netherlands at competitive costs with short reaction times and high service levels.
  • Bankability in the O&M business is of key importance for asset owners to ensure service continuity over time. Zonnepark Services Nederland B.V., with Chint Solar and Goldbeck Solar as its shareholders, will be among the most bankable companies in the Dutch energy sector. The Joint Venture’s customers can rely on a long-term partnership.